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Veneers are a simple and effective way to improve the appearance of a smile. Using a thin layer of material adhered to the tooth’s surface, veneers can cover and protect damaged or malformed teeth, all while looking natural and discreet.

At Luminae, professional dental surgeon Dr. Phong Tran Cao D.D.S and his experienced dental team offer veneers in Las Vegas. He has significant experience in many cosmetic dentistry procedures, with a focus placed on giving people a smile that shines. With the help of cosmetic dentistry tools like veneers, Dr. Phong helps the people of Las Vegas, NV become the best version of themselves.

To get more information on veneers in Las Vegas or Henderson, contact Luminae to schedule an appointment with Dr. Phong today.

Veneers Before and Afters

Benefits of Veneers

Veneers are a convenient way to correct the aesthetics of your smile and provide protection to any vulnerable teeth. There are numerous benefits to choosing veneers for your dental needs, some of which include:

  • Addressing dental issues such as stained teeth, discolored teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, broken teeth etc.
  • Providing a natural look
  • Improving the overall appearance of your smile
  • Making your smile whiter

Veneers also provide other benefits when it comes to dental care, as they are:

  • Long-lasting
  • Durable and strong
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to maintain

Types of Veneers

To satisfy the needs of every distinct dental situation, multiple forms of veneers exist that provide unique benefits. This flexibility means that almost anyone can get veneers when it may be appropriate. When you come to Luminae for your cosmetic dentistry needs, Dr. Phong will help you decide which type of veneer is best for you.

Below are the types of veneers we offer at Luminae in Las Vegas.


Porcelain veneers are one of the most common forms that cosmetic dentists provide. These dental veneers resist stains better than ones created with resin, and they closely mimic the appearance of real teeth to create a natural appearance. Porcelain veneers are versatile enough to remedy various dental issues and often provide results that can last many years.


Composite veneers are another common type of veneer that has some drawbacks compared to porcelain but also has its fair share of advantages. These dental veneers also deliver a more aesthetically pleasing smile, and although they may not be as strong as porcelain or provide as much stain resistance, you can replace them in the event of any damage. Composite resin veneers are also completely reversible, quick to apply, and often cost less than porcelain veneers.


If the permanence of some veneers is a cause for concern, removable veneers can be a suitable substitute. These dental veneers act similarly to a mouthguard or retainer, but instead of straightening your teeth, they snap over your current smile to improve its overall appearance. They can come in prefabricated or custom sets, and although they may be slightly more convenient, they can also be more expensive than traditional porcelain or composite veneers.

Research on the safe and effective use of removable veneers is also limited, so be sure to conduct a full consultation with Dr. Phong in Las Vegas to ensure that removable veneers are right for you.


Lumineers are a proprietary form of porcelain veneer that attempt to provide the same results as a porcelain veneer while also preserving as much of the original tooth as possible. For many porcelain veneers, a portion of the original tooth will have to be removed in order for the veneer to be properly secured. Lumineers are digitally crafted to avoid such measures, delivering results that mimic the appearance of natural teeth in a way that’s minimally invasive.

Palatal Onlays

While many veneers improve the outward appearance of teeth, they can also have applications for improving overall structure and integrity. A palatal onlay is a type of veneer that serves as an intermediary for tooth repair, used when damage is too significant for a basic filling but not so severe that a crown is necessary. It is most often for molars and premolars, using porcelain and composite materials.

Veneers Cost in Las Vegas

The cost of veneers in Las Vegas is typically around $1,000 per veneer and varies depending on the type of veneer and the doctor that’s applying them. Porcelain veneers are often one of the more expensive options, with the lowest cost falling around $950 per tooth and the highest price reaching up to $4,000 per tooth. Composite veneers can be a cheaper option while still remaining effective, with the lower price reaching $200 per tooth and the higher price falling around $1,500.

Dental Veneers are viewed as a cosmetic procedure, which means they are typically not covered by dental insurance.

Veneers FAQ

Dental veneers are not considered permanent because they will often need to be replaced 10 to 20 years after their initial installation. The one permanent aspect of the procedure is the removal of any original tooth for the placement of certain types of veneers. If a veneer becomes damaged, it must be replaced, as total removal would expose the remnants of any original teeth.

Veneers are not capable of straightening crooked teeth, as the most they could do is hide them. They are capable of improving the appearance of teeth that are only mildly crooked, but if your oral health is affected by tooth alignment, veneers are not a suitable substitute for braces or any other orthodontic treatments.

Veneers do not stain as easily as your natural tooth enamel, but they are still capable of discoloration after prolonged exposure to certain substances. Routine brushing and proper maintenance overall should ensure your veneers stay white and radiant for as long as possible.

Veneers themselves cannot move, as they are cemented to the surface of your tooth with a strong adhesive. They can move, however, if your natural teeth shift in any way.

A common question people ask when considering veneers is, “are veneers bad for your teeth?” However, this is a big misconception. Veneers won’t damage your teeth as long as you take proper care of them like you would any other natural tooth.

Veneers Procedure

The veneer application process usually involves grinding down or removing part of the natural tooth to make room for the veneer itself. This allows for proper placement, but it is also irreversible and requires full commitment to the maintenance of the veneers. A local anesthetic is often required for this procedure, as it can be very painful.

Porcelain veneers often require the most tooth removal compared to other forms, but composite veneers can be an acceptable alternative for individuals who don’t want to make such an extensive commitment. Composite veneers require a doctor to etch the surface of the tooth to apply the necessary material, and once the appropriate amount of material has been applied, they will finish by hardening the veneer with a special light.

For veneers like Lumineers, our cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas doesn’t need to remove enamel, and the most he may have to do is create a digital impression of your teeth before installing the veneer.


The recovery process after veneer application is simple and stress-free. Once the veneer is secured and any anesthetics have worn off, you should be able to eat as you normally would. You may notice some roughness on your veneers immediately after they’ve been applied, but this is likely extra veneer adhesive, and it should wear off and smooth out after a few days.

Veneer maintenance is also simple and mostly follows dental care essentials for regular teeth, such as wearing a mouthguard if you grind your teeth and not chewing on hard objects like ice cubes or pens.


Once your veneers have been applied, you should be able to notice the results immediately. Your smile will look whiter, straighter, and more even than ever before. These results will often last for 10 years with porcelain veneers, with some even lasting as long as 20 years. Composite veneers have a shorter lifespan of 5 to 7 years, given their somewhat weaker structure compared to porcelain.

Choose Luminae for Veneers in Las Vegas

Dr. Phong D.D.S is a skilled dental surgeon with extensive experience in veneer application. Your smile is one of your most important features, and you deserve to be happy with how it looks. That’s why Dr. Phong specializes in all types of cosmetic dentistry, from veneers to dental implants and more, so you can see satisfying results in the mirror every morning.

For more information on how Dr. Phong can help you with veneers in Las Vegas, schedule a consultation today.

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