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PDO Thread Lift Cost

Are you considering getting a PDO thread lift, but concerned about the cost? That’s understandable—many aesthetic treatments are both invasive and expensive. However, a PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive alternative that costs much less than surgical facelifts and is long-lasting.

The thread lift procedure involves placing Polydioxanone (PDO) surgical thread under your skin and gently pulling them to smooth away wrinkles and lift sagging skin. This process recontours your face for immediate, youthful-looking results. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how much this procedure costs so you know if you’re ready to schedule a consultation with an experienced aesthetician.

When you receive this procedure at Luminae, you get the expertise of Dr. Phong Tran Cao, D.D.S. and his carefully-selected team of aesthetic specialists. To learn more about PDO thread lift costs and other aesthetic treatments we offer, contact us today! 

How Much Does a Thread Lift Cost?

On average, a PDO thread lift costs about $2,050—however, the price may fluctuate depending on the area being treated. For instance, if you only receive treatment on your neck and jawline, your procedure may cost between $800 and $1,000. A face-only thread lift may cost $1,200 to $1,800, while a full face and neck thread lift may cost close to $3,000. 

Factors That Impact the Cost of Thread Lifts

There are several factors that can affect the cost of your PDO thread lift procedure, including: 

  • How many threads your treatment requires
  • Your specialist’s experience and certifications
  • Geographic location of the practice

Understanding how these details impact the cost of your PDO thread lift can help you determine which areas you want to treat, and how much to budget for your cosmetic treatment. 

Number of Threads Administered

The average PDO thread lift requires about 15 threads per treatment area. So, recontouring your face, jawline, and neck, will require about 45 threads—possibly less, depending on how much recontouring these areas require. 

Each thread costs about $50 to $80, or slightly more. This price includes the cost of the thread itself, plus fees to cover your aesthetic team’s labor and the cost of using the surgical suite.  

Your Provider’s Credentials

More experienced and sought-after providers often have higher rates because their procedures are worth more in the long run compared to their less experienced counterparts. Skilled, certified, and highly experienced providers like Dr. Phong administer quick, effective, long-lasting treatments. With them, there’s no need to worry about mistakes that may be costly to fix—instead, you can go into your thread lift procedure with the confidence that your outcome will meet or exceed your expectations. 

Practice Location

Geographic location also has a significant impact on the price of your thread lift. For instance, the average PDO thread lift in Las Vegas, NV costs about $2,500. The same procedure may cost more or less depending on the area’s cost of living. 

Add-On Treatments

At Luminae Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics, we often recommend companion treatments to increase the effectiveness of your procedure and make the PDO thread lift last longer. Each add-on treatment—such as microneedling or a PRP facial—adds to the cost of your procedure. 

Microneedling and PRP facials both stimulate your body’s natural healing processes to help tone and smooth your skin. Combining these treatments with a PDO thread lift improves the lift’s initial effectiveness and helps it last longer. 

Is a Thread Lift Worth It?

For those with minimal to moderate lines, wrinkles, and sagging around the face and jaw, a PDO thread lift may be the best option. They’re more affordable and less invasive than other procedures, last several years with proper care, and produce immediate results. 

Thread Lift vs. Facelift

On average, a PDO thread lift in Las Vegas costs about six times less than a facelift. Most PDO thread lifts in this area cost about $2,500, while a facelift usually costs more than $12,000. Plus, facelifts require invasive surgery and long recovery times. With a thread lift, results are immediately visible and continue to improve over 6 months.

Thread lift vs. Fillers

Thread lifts and fillers are two of the most popular cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate your skin and bring back that youthful glow you’ve been missing. One benefit of thread lifts is their ability to rebuild collagen, which is what helps your skin retain its elasticity and smoothness. 

The total cost of a thread lift on average runs between $700 and $4,500. Price will vary based on how many threads the aesthetician uses, as well as the specific treatment area. 

Fillers are some of the more well-known injectables used for improving skin quality. With a primary area of use being the face, from foreheads to lips, fillers can help turn back the clock on sagging and wrinkled skin.The cost of injectable filler treatments can vary based on what kind of filler is used, how much of the filler is used, geographic location, among other factors. 

Thread Lift Results

A PDO thread lift is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that requires very minimal downtime afterward. It helps smooth away fine lines and lift sagging skin for 12 to 18 months—or longer, with the right skincare routine. 

Get an Affordable and Long-Lasting Thread Lift at Luminae in Las Vegas

To book a free consultation for your PDO thread lift, contact Luminae today. You’ll meet with Dr. Phong Tran Cao, D.D.S., who leads our practice and has decades of experience in cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic treatments. 

Together, you and Dr. Phong will decide if a PDO thread lift is right for you, create a treatment schedule, and determine an accurate cost for your PDO thread lift. 

PDO Thread Lift Cost

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