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Gum Contouring Las Vegas, NV

A person’s gumline is often as unique as their fingerprints, with some being high, some being low, and others being uneven. Some people may find they are unsatisfied with the appearance of their gumline and how it affects their smile, or they may experience oral health issues because of how low or high it sits. Fortunately, a gum contouring procedure can be an effective solution for those who want to feel better about their smile and improve their lasting oral health.

At Luminae, experienced dental surgeon Dr. Phong Tran Cao D.D.S offers gum contouring in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Phong brings a wealth of experience in the realm of cosmetic dentistry, with a particularly adept skill set in gum contouring.

For more information on gum contouring in Las Vegas, NV, contact Luminae to schedule an appointment with Dr. Phong today.

Benefits of Gum Reshaping

Gum contouring can solve many oral health and cosmetic issues, helping people achieve a more visually appealing smile that benefits their overall health as well. This procedure can reduce the appearance of gums that sit low over teeth and make a person’s gummy smile look small. It can also restore gum tissue in the event of gum recession. Whether you need a small part of your gum line adjusted or excessive gum tissue removed, gum reshaping can deliver satisfying, natural results.

Gum Reshaping Treatments

Just as everyone’s gums are unique, there are distinct gum contouring techniques to fit just about any need. That’s why Luminae provides multiple types of gum reshaping treatments so that you can get the care that best suits your situation. After an initial consultation with Dr. Phong, he will help you decide what kind of implant is best for your dental situation.

Below are some of the most common gum reshaping treatments.

Crown Lengthening

In dentistry, a crown refers to a tooth-like cap that replaces a damaged or failing tooth. These crowns must be able to securely fit over the former tooth, and in some cases, an excessive amount of gum tissue may get in the way. A crown lengthening procedure can remedy this by recontouring the gums to expose more of a tooth’s surface, allowing ample room for a dental crown to be affixed.


A gingivectomy is the surgical removal of gum tissue, and it is frequently used to treat gingivitis. If alternative cleaning techniques have proven to be ineffective, this treatment can significantly improve oral health and give patients a healthy smile. It can also remove excess gum tissue that sits over a patient’s teeth to reveal more of their smile.

Osseous Surgery

A healthy gum line will have very small pockets between the teeth and the gums, but when gum disease is present, these pockets can grow in size and become difficult to clean properly. Osseous surgery is a procedure that addresses these pockets, cutting back the gums to remove bacteria and repair damaged bone. This procedure usually isn’t strictly for cosmetic purposes, but if a person’s gum disease has affected the appearance of their teeth, osseous surgery could be the first step toward a healthier-looking smile.

Gum Contouring Recovery

Gum contouring requires a minimal amount of downtime due to mild soreness, but overall recovery could take days or weeks depending on the degree of treatment. It’s best to limit any strenuous activities for the first few days after a gum reshaping procedure, as they will likely be sensitive and tender. It’s also important to eat soft foods like pudding, soup, or yogurt during your recovery period to avoid irritation to the treated areas.


Once you have recovered from your gum reshaping, you should be able to notice a marked improvement in your smile’s aesthetics, as well as your overall oral health. If you have some excess gum tissue removed, you’ll be able to notice that your smile looks bigger and brighter than ever before. And if gum health was your issue, your mouth will start to feel and look healthier thanks to the removal of bacteria and damaged gum tissue. Gum contouring is also a permanent procedure, so you’ll enjoy lasting results as long as you continue to take proper care of your beautiful smile.

Gum Contouring Cost in Las Vegas, NV

The cost of gum contouring in Las Vegas, NV can have a wide range depending on a number of factors, with the cost for one tooth ranging from $50 to $350 and the cost for all front top teeth costing as much as $3,000. The main factors that contribute to this cost in the greater Las Vegas area are the degree of treatment, and whether or not insurance will cover the cost. Considering many gum contours are elective procedures, there’s a high chance you may have to pay out of pocket.

Gum Contouring FAQ

Anyone who wishes to improve the aesthetics of their gum line is a good candidate for gum reshaping. If someone experiences persistent gum disease, gum reshaping can also help provide relief and improve oral health. Speak to Dr. Phong about your medical history to make sure gum reshaping is right for you.

If you’re improving the appearance of your smile with braces, it is possible to take that improvement a step further with gum contouring. The procedure can be done if you are currently wearing braces to make your smile look less “gummy”, and it can reduce any lingering swelling following the removal of braces.

Gum contouring is a permanent procedure, as gum tissue will not grow back once it has been removed. Once yours gums have healed, you’ll be able to live with your new smile without any concern of the previous gum line issue returning.

In the days immediately following gum reshaping, you will be able to eat foods that cater to your sensitive gums. This includes foods like yogurt, soup, and applesauce, and solid or overly warm foods should be avoided. It is also best to avoid foods that include seeds, as they may irritate your gums and become stuck in any unhealed wounds.

If you’re unhappy with your gum line’s appearance or suffer from persistent gum disease, gum contouring could be a worthwhile solution. No matter what kind of reshaping you need, you’ll be able to enjoy permanent results and take pride in your smile.

Why Choose Luminae

Dr. Phong D.D.S is an expert dental surgeon with considerable experience in gum contouring. Your smile is one of your most prominent features, and it’s often the first thing people notice when they meet you. Your gums are also connected to many aspects of your oral health, so it’s important to make sure your mouth gets the comprehensive care it needs. That’s why Dr. Phong specializes in various cosmetic dental procedures, so you can get the help you need no matter the issue.

For more information on how Dr. Phong can provide you with gum contouring in Las Vegas, NV, contact Luminae to schedule a consultation today.

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