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Facelift Alternatives

A surgical facelift is often the most popular choice when patients are looking to correct wrinkles, sagging skin, a double chin, and more. However, there are a number of reasons why people avoid undergoing a surgical procedure: fear of being placed under anesthesia, not having the budget for plastic surgery, not wanting to commit to permanent facial changes, and more.

Luckily, there are several cosmetic procedures on the market that offer similar results to a traditional facelift that are less invasive and don’t come with the same lengthy recovery periods. If you want to tighten your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, and achieve natural-looking results, this article covers a few of the best facelift alternatives.

If you are looking for a less invasive but equally effective way to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin, contact the experts at Luminae in Las vegas, NV, today. Our team offers integrated dental and facial cosmetic procedures to provide clients with non-surgical facial rejuvenation.  

Thread Lifts

What Do Thread Lifts Do?

Thread lifts are non-surgical cosmetic procedures that correct sagging, aging skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. They are incredibly thin, dissolving sutures that your aesthetician will thread under your skin to pull it into place and stimulate the production of collagen. 

There are three types of threads typically used for these lifts: polydioxanone (PDO), polylactic acid (PLA), and polycaprolactone (PCA). PDO threads have been around the longest and are great for revitalizing tissue, while PCA and PLA threads are preferred for lifting skin, as they last longer in your body to increase collagen production and offer long-term results. 

How Much Do Thread Lifts Cost?

The cost of a thread lift will depend on your desired coverage. A facelift, neck lift, and jawline lift are all separate procedures. If you choose to get thread lifts on all three areas at once, you should expect to pay between $2,000 and $3,500. 

Thread Lift Procedure

A thread lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, meaning you won’t have to go under general anesthesia. Instead, your aesthetician will apply a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. They will then use a thin cannula needle to insert threads under your skin in places that need a lifting or tightening effect, like the jawline, cheeks, or eyebrows. 

The threads stay in your skin and encourage your cells to produce collagen, leaving you with smoother, tighter skin. Over time, the thread will slowly dissolve and be absorbed by your body, but it will be replaced by new collagen. Because of this, results of a thread lift could be noticeable for up to 18 months. 

The entire procedure only takes around an hour, varying slightly depending on which areas you are looking to improve. Thanks to its short procedure and quick downtime, thread lifts are often referred to as “lunchtime facelifts.”

How Long is Thread Lift Recovery?

Immediately after your thread lift, you may notice some slight bruising or swelling in the affected areas. You should apply a cold compress or ice pack and avoid wearing makeup and moisturizer or washing your face for about a week.

To reduce swelling, sleep in a propped position and take a pain reliever like Tylenol. You should be completely recovered from your thread lift procedure in one to two weeks. Sometimes doctors will prescribe a single dose of an antibiotic to prevent infection.

Thread Lift Results

Whether you are looking for overall facial rejuvenation or you need a more targeted lift to correct jowls or under-eye bags, thread lifts are a quick, minimally invasive alternative to a surgical procedure. 

You will begin to see immediate results after your thread lift, but the full effect will be seen after about two weeks as any swelling or bruising subside. Your thread lift will last anywhere from one to three years, and you can schedule a touch-up procedure after six months. 


How Does Botox Work?

Botox is the most common facelift alternative and has become a household name in the beauty industry. It is a neurotoxin and muscle relaxer that blocks certain nerves in the facial muscles through injections.

Wrinkles are caused by frequent muscle contractions coupled with a decrease in skin elasticity as you age. Botox works by relaxing those muscles, therefore reducing wrinkles and giving you a younger, refreshed look. These facial injections are popular for treating crow’s feet, glabellar or “eleven” lines, lip lines, drooping eyebrows, and forehead lines.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

Botox injectable treatments are measured in units, with each unit costing around $10-$20. For a single treatment, you will need between 20 and 60 units, so prices typically start at $300. The price will vary based on how many injections you are looking to get and which facial areas you want to treat.

What To Expect When Getting Botox?

You likely won’t need a topical anesthetic for Botox, as it is injected using an extremely thin needle. If it is your first injection, your appointment may take a bit longer to allow your aesthetician to discuss your options and let you know what you should expect. However, the injections themselves only take around 15 minutes. 

Botox Recovery Timeline

There really is no recovery time when it comes to Botox. The injection results are immediate, and aside from the possibility of small needle pin pricks and some minor discomfort right after your appointment, you shouldn’t have anything to heal from. You can resume normal activities right away with your fresh, wrinkle-free face!

However, in the week following your cosmetic procedure, you should be mindful not to apply pressure to your injection site. Facial massages or other force applied to the treatment area can cause the toxins to shift, creating an uneven appearance. Don’t lay down for about 4 hours after the procedure. It’s also important to void alcohol and strenuous exercise for 1-2 days.

After your injection, your doctor will likely schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that your body is responding well to the injection and that you aren’t experiencing any other side effects. 

Botox Results

You will see immediate results from your cosmetic treatment. Shallow wrinkles and fine lines will be dissolved right away, while deeper creases may take up to two weeks to fully disappear. Because Botox dissolves into your body and the neurotoxin wears off over time, you may need touch-ups every 4 to 6 months. 

Skin Tightening Treatments

Different Types Of Skin Tightening Treatments

Surgical procedures can be too invasive for many people. If you are looking for a more affordable and less invasive way to treat facial lines, there are a number of treatments you can choose from to achieve tighter skin.

These facelift alternatives range from microneedling and dermabrasion to enhance skin texture to chemical peels, which are great for treating deep wrinkles, skin discoloration, and acne scarring.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are exactly as they sound. During a procedure, a chemical solution is applied to your facial skin to peel back the top layers of your epidermis. This may sound severe, but you shouldn’t feel anything more than a slight tingling sensation for a few minutes. 

How Much Do Skin Tightening Treatments Cost?

On average, chemical peels and other skin tightening methods like laser resurfacing can range from $500 to over $5,000. This will depend on the treatment you get, the surface area you want to cover, and if you decide to combine your treatment with other procedures. 

Chemical Peels Procedure

During a chemical peel, your aesthetician will have you lay on a table, first using an astringent to clean your face and remove excess dirt and oils. Then, a chemical solution consisting of glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or carbolic acid (phenol) will be applied to your skin.

These chemicals kill off the top layers of your skin, allowing them to peel away and reveal new, less damaged skin. You will feel some burning and tingling during this procedure, but the discomfort level will vary depending on whether you have a light, medium, or deep chemical peel. Afterward, your aesthetician will remove the solution, leaving you with clearer skin.

Recovery From Chemical Peels

The recovery process from your chemical peel will differ depending on the intensity of your treatment. For light peels, you should expect some sunburn-like redness and dry skin for the week following, and you should apply moisturizer and sunscreen as directed by your aesthetician. These procedures typically have very minimal downtime but you should always avoid direct sunlight while healing.

For deep peels, your aesthetician will bandage your face immediately following the procedure, and you should expect a recovery time of 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, you should apply ointment and take antiviral medications to promote healing and moisturize your skin. 

No matter what kind of peel you receive, you should stay out of the sun and apply daily moisturizer until you are completely healed. After your skin has healed, you can begin wearing makeup and applying a daily sunscreen lotion to protect your skin and prevent scarring. 

Results After Skin Tightening Treatments

Depending on the treatment you received, you should expect to see results within 1 to 3 weeks. You may have to schedule a follow-up appointment for additional chemical peels to achieve optimal results. 

Chemical peels and other skin tightening treatments are great for reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles and acne scars. While some lighter chemical peels won’t tighten loose skin, all peels promote the production of new collagen, remove facial lines, and reduce the appearance of sagging. 

LED Treatments

What Are LED Treatments?

LED treatments, or light therapy, allows wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin to reduce wrinkles and age spots, tighten the skin, and even restore hair follicles for those living with alopecia. Different colors and wavelengths have different healing effects, and they are able to penetrate the skin through a handheld wand device or a facial mask. 

How Much Do LED Treatments Cost?

LED therapy sessions are relatively affordable compared to other facelift alternatives and typically cost anywhere from $25 to $85 per session. Depending on the surface area you are looking to cover, the length of your procedure, and the provider you choose, you may have to pay more. 

Additionally, you will likely have to make weekly sessions for ten weeks before seeing dramatic results from your LED therapy.

Many people also opt to save money on routine treatments by purchasing their own LED therapy masks. This is a good option for some, but they are often more limited in their abilities than professional LED devices. 

LED Treatments Procedure

Before your LED treatment, you and your aesthetician will discuss your pain points to decide what style of light therapy is best for you. Red light therapy is best for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars. Red light also promotes wound healing and collagen production to tighten skin.

Blue light therapy, on the other hand, is popular among those with overactive sebaceous glands, A.K.A oily skin. Blue light can target these glands to decrease oil production and kill acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin, decreasing your chance of pimples and cystic acne.

Depending on the type of light you choose and the surface area you are looking to treat, your aesthetician may give you the option of wearing a mask, applying the light using a wand, or having you lay directly under LED lights, similar to a tanning bed (but don’t worry – LED lights are different from UV, meaning they won’t burn or damage your skin).

The average LED procedure only takes around 20 minutes, but you may not see immediate improvement. In fact, you may need to have up to ten weekly sessions to get your desired results and make monthly follow-up appointments to maintain your wrinkle-free or oil-free skin. 

 Recovery After LED Treatments

Light therapy is a non-invasive procedure with no recovery time, so you’ll be able to resume wearing makeup and participating in your normal activities once your session is over. While you may see some minor improvements in your skin after the first session, you will need multiple treatments to see noticeable changes in your skin’s texture.

LED Treatments Results

Despite the fact that LED treatments are less permanent and require more sessions than other facelift alternatives, they are still a popular choice for those who are looking for something effective and affordable without long downtimes or surgical procedures. 

Whether you decide to go with red or blue light LED therapy, you will see your skin begin to heal and produce less oil. After those ten sessions, your skin should be tighter, smoother, and less prone to acne and lines. 

Lifting Facials

What Are Lifting Facials?

Lifting facials use small electrical pulses to stimulate muscles, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation through lymphatic drainage, leaving your skin looking firm, sculpted, and rejuvenated. 

Cost Of Lifting Facials

Lifting facials typically cost around $250, but they are usually included as part of larger facial packages in many spas. Your aesthetician will likely clean your face and extract oils, dirt, and dead cells, soothe it with moisturizers, and hydrate your face to leave you with perky, glowing skin. 

How Long Before You See Results Of Facials?

You will see the lifted results of your facial immediately, but the results won’t be permanent. Many patients choose to implement lifting facials as part of their skincare routine, getting them as often as once a week. The results are cumulative, meaning the more you have done and the more often you do them, the more noticeable your results will be. 

Lifting Facial Results

Lifting facials are great for quickly lifting sagging skin, strengthening the muscles in your face, and promoting collagen production to reduce lines and wrinkles. They are most effective at removing forehead wrinkles, lifting your eyebrows, and sculpting your cheekbones and jawline. 

You will see immediate results but should continue to get treatments if you are looking for a more consistent and lasting lift. Since lifting facials are soothing, non-invasive, and painless, you can really get them as often as you would like. 

While microcurrent facials are safe for all skin types, those with pacemakers, metal implants, or severe cystic acne may want to avoid this treatment for safety reasons.  

Which Facelift Alternative is Best?

All of the alternative options on this list are great if you are looking for a non-surgical way to reduce wrinkles, eliminate sagging skin, and give your face a plump, glowing look. The treatment you decide to get will ultimately depend on your skin concerns, budget, and the look you are trying to achieve. 

However, in terms of immediate, lasting effects, Botox and thread lift procedures are the best facelift alternatives. 

While these procedures may be more expensive than some of the other treatments on this list, you won’t have to get multiple sessions a week before noticing results. Both Botox and thread lifts will tighten and lift your skin immediately and produce results that will last for months before you’ll need to schedule a touch-up appointment. 

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