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Integrating comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry & full-face non-surgical make overs

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Facial Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry in Las Vegas at Luminae

Seeking to impact lives from the neck up through general & cosmetic dentistry, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation—for a more holistic approach to full face enhancement.

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Woman smiling

It starts with a smile

With the use of minimally invasive facial injectables, such as Botox® and dermal fillers, and advanced aesthetic/anti-aging treatments such as PDO Threads and Microneedling, Dr. Tran can frame your beautiful new smile with natural, artistic facial enhancements, to light up your confidence from within.

Advance Care ~ With a focus on you

As a Cosmetic Dentist and Aesthetic Facial Specialist, Dr. Tran pairs his advanced medical training and artistic passion with the best technologies available, to achieve cosmetic improvements to your smile, facial features, and skin.

What our clients have to say

“I will return for all dental procedures in the future. Dr.Phong Tran Cao is easy and fun to talk to. He listens and met with all of my requests. I’m not an easy dental patient. A bit nervous and vain. For me to feel completely comfortable says a lot about Dr Phong Tran Cao and his staff.”

“Dr Phong and his staff are the very best, they are friendly and have always tried to make me feel comfortable, before, during and after treatment. Dr. Phong took his time to help me understand the X-rays and what is really going on w/ my dental condition and explained step by step the treatment needed. His fees are extremely reasonable as well. When I first came to him I was very upset w/ my smile, he did a smile make over and it has truly been life changing. I’m very happy w/ the outcome and the quality of his work. I highly recommend him any time.”

“Now to the doctor! This guy is PHENOMENAL! He had some great reviews so I decided to go through with it. He’s so understanding, patient, and informative. When my boyfriend and I found out he’s from our hometown in California, we discussed our favorite Vietnamese restaurants, cafes and things to do! As for his work ethic: I love how he advises you of what is going on, what your treatment plan is, and what would be best FOR YOU! His sense of humor, and his laid back personality is the reason I’m coming back.

I love this dentist, the staff and this location. So glad I chose them to take care of my smile! My confidence has lifted SO MUCH since I met these wonderful people.”

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